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Publication Strategy & Peer-Reviewing Process: “Winning the publication game”


31st May 2024, 9:00-18:00


Caroline Dunand, coordinatrice, UNIL


Dr. Jürgen Barth


 Course content: Within this course the participants will be guided through all stages before submitting a manuscript to a peer reviewed journal. The inputs are from the facilitator but also from all participants based on their questions. Each participant works on her/his own material which will be shared on Dropbox. The course is based on the Tim Albert Training where Dr. Jürgen Barth is registered.


Prerequisites: Each participant has to hand in two papers of the target journal with a similar structure as the manuscript to be submitted. A short questionnaire has to be filled in. The PhD student should have an agreement with the supervisor on which piece to work during the course.


It is better to start with the course too early than too late! You need some results and then you can start writing. The course covers topics from humanities to medicine. Any types of manuscripts are fine!


Optional preparation: You can download this book in advance (German) which was written by Dr. Jürgen Barth eBook: 


Registration deadline: 28.03.2024


More information about Dr. Jürgen Barth : ; email: barth.writing(at)gmail(dot)com



UNIFR, Regina Mundi building, Room RM 02 S-2.115



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