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Open and Reproducible Science I


16 March 2023, 9:00-18:00


Dr Naomi Langerock, UNIGE



As a psychology researcher, you have probably heard about the replication crisis, which refers to the fact that extremely influential, textbook findings in psychology could not be replicated. In this first workshop on Open and Reproducible Science, we will 1) go over what has driven the field of psychology into this crisis and 2) what researchers can do to get the field out of this crisis. You will be made familiar with a variety of new initiatives and tools that support open and replicable research practices, including JASP, StudySwap, the Psychological Science Accelerator, Registered Reports, Open Science Framework, and Open Access publishing. On the institutional level (Universities, funding agencies, etc.), the importance of Open and Reproducible Science is being valued more and more (e.g., the FNS requires now open access publishing for the research they funded). This workshop will give you the background you need to understand the factors at play within this movement towards Open and Reproducible Science as well as a first hands-on experience in Open and Reproducible Science practices.



UNIL, Géopolis building, room 2218



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