The role of ideologies in the Glass Cliff

Auteur Ruri TAKIZAWA
Directeur /trice Dr. Clara Kulich
Co-directeur(s) /trice(s) Dr. Vincenzo Iacoviello
Résumé de la thèse

A compound of research has shown that women and minority groups are prone to become leaders under precarious circumstances. During my Ph.D. program, I am involved in the FNS funded project “Motives of Precarious Minority Leadership: A Challenge or a Sinking Ship?” led by Clara Kulich at the University of Geneva. This project seeks to understand the reasons for the glass cliff phenomenon by focusing on the role of political and (gender) ideologies in the choice of female (and ethnic minority) leaders. Prior research has shown that motivations can arise from positive or negative views of minority groups. People may thus aim with their choice to set the minority candidate up for failure, or they may believe that the minority candidate is better suited to handle a crisis. The sparse investigations in the literature on the impact of political and gender-related ideologies, such as feminist and sexist attitudes, provide mixed results. Experimental evidence reveals that both left- and right-wing orientation and also non-sexist and hostile sexist orientation can lead to glass cliff appointments, but in different situational circumstances. I am looking into disentangling these contexts experimentally.

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